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NATUSTART® yeast nutrient is a blend of various nutrients used to support yeast health and fermentation during the winemaking process. Yeast is the microorganism responsible for fermenting grape juice into wine, requires essential nutrients to thrive and complete fermentation efficiently. While grape juice contains some of these nutrients naturally, they may not be present in sufficient quantities for optimal yeast performance, especially in more challenging fermentation conditions.

Key components typically found in NATUSTART® yeast nutrient blends include :

These components help ensure that yeast can complete fermentation successfully, leading to clean and well balanced wine. Winemakers often add yeast nutrient to their must before or during fermentation, particularly if the grape juice lacks sufficient nutrients. The exact composition and usage of wine yeast nutrient may vary depending on the specific requirements of the grape variety, fermentation conditions, and desired wine style.





  • NATUSTART®BC complex provides vital nitrogen, as nitrogen normally decreases during the first 30 hours after the start of the fermentation.It is suitable for white, rosé and red wines.


  • NATUSTART®BCW nutrient contains yeast cell walls that can be used in the beginning or during the fermentation as well as to restart sluggish or stuck fermentations. It is suitable for white, rosé and red wines.


  • NATUSTART®K stimulates and regulates the alcoholic fermentation in winemaking. It provides mineral salts, growth factors to the yeast and in addition also prevents the formation of undesirable compounds. It is suitable for white, rosé and red wines.


  • NATUSTART®AY is an autolysed yeast and excellent substrate for culturing microorganisms such as yeast for wine production in which it serves as a rich source of organic nitrogen and growth stimulators. It is suitable for white, rosé and red wines.


  • NATUSTART®IY is an inactivated yeast and it provides important polysaccharides, peptides, amino-acids, mannoproteins, nucleotides, all of these can contribute to the sensory experience of wine. It is suitable for white, rosé and red wines.


  • NATUSTART®GLH is rich in nitrogen, vitamins and growth factors and is particularly rich in polysaccharides and sulphur peptides such as glutathione.It is suitable for white, rosé and red wines.


  • NATUSTART®GLUTATHIONE is based on highly purified L-glutathione and in its reduced form. The product is used in wine to protect aromatic substances such as Thiols from oxidation. It is suitable for white, rosé and red wines.


  • NATUSTART®CW stimulates and supports the alcoholic fermentation due to its ability to absorb inhibitors such as fatty acids, toxins and plant protection chemicals. It is suitable for white, rosé and red wines.

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