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To service the wine industry we have created a new & specialised company in France called OenoBioTech SAS!

This company has one dedication and that is servicing the wine producers worldwide!
OenoBioTech is a joint venture between STAGRI sarl, a French company (Pietro & Clara Zanardelli), and Weiss BioTech Holding AG (formerly Add Food Service GmbH). As of January 3, 2011, OenoBioTech has taken over all the wine ingredient business of Add Food Service GmbH.

The products, the service and especially the dedication to you, our customers, will remain the same under OenoBioTech and we aim to support you in your business. We thank you for supporting Add Food Service GmbH during the last eight years and we look forward to serving you with our new company, OenoBioTech SAS, for many years to come.

The wine maker all over the world can make a selection from the OenoBioTech range of products that best suits his requirements. Or, the requirements coming from the people enjoying the best export wines! Because OenoBioTech is marketing Wine Ingredients all over the world, the product assortment reflects many specialties and is adapted to suit local conditions & requirements.